Monday, October 11, 2010

Research Paper Title

you really want to know what interests me is not really all that much. i am not interested in sports or anything like that. i hate politics and anything that has to do with any of that. religion is a far to touchy subject for me to talk about because i am a Pagan/Wiccan that is what my religion is. stuff about my heritage interests me, but would seem kind of unbelievable to others. i really fancy the strange and unusual. stuff that has to do with mystic or supernatural things and others stuff pertaining to the strange and unusual. i know you want this to be a couple of long paragraphs and i am sorry that it is not, but i really don't have any interest in a lot of things. i find things quite boring and superficial to me. a lot of it gives me headaches to even think about it. but i did tell you what my interests are. that really is all i have.